Company introduction

Yueqing Kejian electronics co., LTD, founded in 2007 is a young and energetic enterprise, dedicated to provide customers with solutions for professional touch switch light touch switch service provider, the company specialized research and development manufacturing all kinds of light touch switch at the same time, gradually extended to other more closely around the switch products, division of ship electronic after years of process improvement and innovation, constantly introducing and studying the domestic and foreign advanced production technology and management concept, core product all automated production, equipped with well-equipped laboratories, to ensure the stability of the product, the company can be independent to develop new products, now has a number of patented technology.

The LOGO and meaning

●The design idea for the company logo is the letter "J" : three fighter jets designed to pull simultaneously into the air.
●Logo colors: the j-10 fighter is available in three colors: sapphire blue, Chinese red and silver grey.
Blue: stands for fast
■In order to avoid being eliminated by competitors in the fierce market competition, enterprises should make rapid response in service, delivery and product development.
Red: stands for innovation
■Modern enterprises are always in a changing environment, and their products have a life cycle. Only by constantly innovating in management and products, can enterprises take the initiative in the competition and remain invincible.
Grey: collaboration

The enterprise culture

◆Our mission is --
Strive for industry leading, promote industry progress, with the industry to serve my motherland!
◆Our vision is --
Together, create China's first light touch listed brand!
◆Our view of enterprise quality is --
Perfect, provide the customer with 0PPM defective products!

International code & quality environmental policy

Quality environment policy

Quality comes from technology, efficiency from management,
Pay close attention to process control and improve enterprise service.
Abide by the law, pollution prevention, energy conservation and consumption reduction, care of home.

Quality environmental objectives

The pass rate of the first delivery is more than 99%
Delivery on time is greater than 90%
The customer satisfaction rate is better than 90%
Classified management and disposal of hazardous waste
Factory noise, waste water discharge standard
No major fire safety accident has occurred
Reduce energy resource consumption, output energy consumption of ten thousand yuan decreased by 0.5% year on year

Development strategy

People-oriented, management first, vigorously expand the market and research and development wings, for the community to make contributions!
Our responsibility - "let the excellent technology and service to promote the development of China's precision switch business".
Although the switch is small, click on the global operation, let's work together for the switch to serve the whole society.

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