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Six tips for detecting waterproofing light touch switches
2018-07-14 14:39:32

Waterproof light touch switch is also a kind of waterproof switch, because it has the function of waterproof, so this type of light touch switch is more expensive than ordinary light touch switch.Of course, only the waterproof light touch switch with good quality can meet the requirements of use, but there are so many light touch switches in the market nowadays, how can we know whether its quality is good or bad?The following light touch switch manufacturers to introduce you to detect the waterproof light touch switch six tips:


1. Look at the appearance: the appearance shall not have too big stains, the packaging shall not be messy or mixed with wrong mounting, the pins shall not be oxidized, and the buttons shall have a good touch;

2. Structure size: the length, width and height shall not exceed the scope of the recognition book;

3. Use force and rebound force: whether the use force is in the range of 260 + / -50f, and whether the rebound force is less than 50f;

4. Tinning test: after tinning test, the tinning surface should be less than 80%;

5. Contact resistance: 5. 100 MB or more Ω (5 VDC, 10 ma, 1000 hz) are beyond the scope of acceptance;

6. Water-proofing: it will not be damaged for about 30 minutes when it is placed around 1M under normal temperature water.

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