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Kejian electronics organization staff nanxi river construction group
2018-06-04 16:13:07

  On June 3, general manager of kezhan electronics, zhou gen, took all the staff to the nanxi river group.Division of ship electronic in bigger and stronger at the same time, very pay attention to corporate culture, adhere to the tourism as a benefit of employees, each year to organize employee collective tourism activities, the activities of the day is let everyone feel tired body, but felt in the heart of everyone, especially to the organizer of this activity and ship electronic expressed sincere gratitude, but also accelerate the pace of enterprise team construction.

You see, there are so many cooks in corvette that they help each other out, and in a short time a table full of delicious food comes out.

"One two three, pull back together!Listen, that loud shout is the command of the tug-of-war!Come on!Come on!The two teams went from left to right, from top to bottom.


You see, everyone now hand in hand, a large circle around the city, do not know what to do next wonderful programs...


You see, those a few wet body, they play each other, passion and exciting drift activity ended all day activity.

Each employee benefits a lot from the one-day team activity. In the activity, the communication between team members is enhanced, mutual understanding and trust are enhanced, the division of work and cooperation is more tacit, the team goal is more unified and clear, and the team work is completed more efficiently and quickly.

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